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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

He Did It

A few months back Brent casually said he could easily eat 16 party tacos at Taco Bueno. We decided to take him up on this declaration after Easter. Unfortunately, illness struck pretty much everyone last week so it was postponed until now. Tonight we went to Bueno with family and friends there for support.

He started with 10 tacos:

Completing the last of the 10:

For some unknown reason, while finishing the 16th his eyes lit up at the prospect of eating 4 more to make it an even 20:

Ultimately, 16 was plenty:

As of now, he is still bloated and hurting but he did it. Way to go Brent. I have a feeling Bueno won't be on the list for a while. I saw what happened when he ate too many pepperollis with Eddie several years back. I don't think we ever went back to Mazzio's afterwards but that place is gross anyway.

After too many tacos we watched the free UFC fight night on Spike, some very good fights. We missed the last one due to a technical glitch but from what we saw only one fight went all three rounds. Good stuff.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I just signed up with twitter tonight. Another way to add random thoughts to share with others, only shorter. I already know I need Robbie's help getting it to link to my blog. Those of you who actually stop in to read my quarterly updates can potentially expect an invite but who knows how long this will last given my track record. I'll give it a go. Finding Jenny Holzer on twitter gave me hope for it. I'm just not that clever.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Movie's are great

With both Brent and I off for Christmas, we went to see Sweeny Todd early in the day. Neither of us liked it all that much. It was beautifully made. Tim Burton is awesome but there just wasn't much in the story that really pulled you in. It was just nice to look at and they did a pretty good job with the singing.

The best movie came later in the evening. My sis loaned me Once. Another musical but worlds better than what we had seen earlier in the day. It was a sweet story about an Irish musician and a Czech girl he mets. The music was good in a way that made you want to listen to more of it when the film was over. Definitely recommended.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Seven Months Later

Yeah, well I know I suck at keeping up with blog. What are the statute of limitations on non-blogging? I've been eradicated from several friends' links due to inactivity. That's ok I won't cry about it too much. I am just as bad at keeping in touch with distance and at times not so distant friends. I still like to peek in to see how everyone is doing. Life goes on as usual but it's nice to stay updated as to the jobs that have been gained and lost, babies that have been born, houses that have been bought and all the other antics between.

Brent and I have been doing well. Brent still struggles with aches and pains but lives with it while continuing his Masters studies and working. He's come a long way since March and recovery is potentially in sight. I am continuing to progress in ATC training. I am nearing tower certification at KC I'ntl. After that, radar training will begin. I'll save the wretched details but I am enjoying the job. It's gets stressful at times but it is mostly fun. I will be back in OKC at the beginning of Nov for three weeks for the next stage of my training. It will be good to go for the visit but it falls at the same time we are closing on our house. So all the moving and initial settling will have to be done by Brent and company. We are pretty excited about getting a place of our own again and I'm sure my folks are ready to have their house back to themselves as well. We've appreciated all the support over the past several months. It's nice to be here with the immediate family and good friends but I often think of friends in OK and CA. We miss CA a lot and hope to go back for a visit as soon as we can. Until then...see you in another half year.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We Made It, I Think

Lacking time and sleep, this will be short. We made it here safe and sound. Well, I am in OKC and Brent is to join me tomorrow from KC. The packing and traveling were grueling. Brent was incredibly sick the whole time. The axel on the car broke somewhere past cursed Albuquerque. But despite the less than ideal circumstances, there were numerous answered prayers. I thank God for friends and family because I don't know how we could have done this without them. Jason and Patti are hardcore packers and drivers. Kevin and his friend Kenny? (his name is probably Charlie but I call him Kenny) came through to assist with heavy lifting in Cali. Everything got done that needed to: we made the long trek from Cali to OKC, unloaded in OKC, traveled to KC, unloaded the rest, returned the truck, I visited the facility I will be working at, visted with family, got Brent to a specialist (which is why he's not here now), traveled back to OKC and am through the first day of school. There has been little time to rest and recoup but I feel somewhat peaceful and am hopeful that Brent's health is on the mend. I'll try to be back soon to continue. Thank you my friends and family for all the prayers, support and love. The effects have been manifested in more ways than I recognize.
God's peace.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dangit, Robbie!

So after reading the robot's blog last night. I was compelled to blow a few unsparable (I know it's not a word, but it fits) hours of my life setting up a Virb account. Like Robbie, I like the concept of myspace but the overall execution basically stinks. I also got tired of all the porn "friend requests" and the barrage of singles adds anytime you sign in and out. The amount of people connected to Virb pales in comparison to myspace but I think we can change that. Check it out, even when you don't have a minute to spare.

I posted some pics of Disneyland on Virb. We had a really good time with friends and exploring the "cleanest place on earth." Well at least in California, we were impressed. It was a fun and well deserved Birthday break for Brent.

Back to packing.

Monday, February 26, 2007

'Tis All For Now

So, I have just a few days left of work, I've been trying to get my taxes done and have started doing a little packing. Whether it's true or not, I feel really busy. I'm excited for the upcoming changes but a little sad too. Many things will be missed like family, friends, the beach, and the occasional beautifully clear day like this one last Friday.

On Saturday, I went with some friends to Messob Ethiopian Restaurant in none other than Little Ethiopia. I was disappointed I didn't take a photo of the HUGE platter of food we shared but the restaurant's site explains our experience much better than I could so check it out if your interested. It was really cool to try something different. Everything was really good, the wine, the coffee, the food, the company. Carrie is my official Africa source and I am always intrigued by all her stories of growing up in Kenya.

Though I don't think Brent would have been digging the cuisine, he would have liked the experience and hanging with friends. I think I am as ready as he is for him to be done with school. He is way too stressed. Sometimes I think he might explode. Just a few more weeks.

The onset of Lent last Wednesday has brought about a much needed TV sabbatical. The limit is two hours per week. Last night became a big cheat night though, the Oscars sucked me in. It really wasn't worth it either. The shadow people were the best part.